Tips for Staying Mindful in Your Salon

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By Tanya Momi

Hectic days spent at the salon quickly blur together leaving nail techs feeling anything but present and grounded. In a profession centered around human interaction and top-notch service, being “off” during an appointment can send a client straight into another’s salon chair.

Nail technician and salon owner Tanya Momi shares her tips for staying mindful and how this practice can better serve your clients and co-workers.

Plan for Success

When faced with a slow day at the salon, look at it as an opportunity to be productive around your workspace.

  • Deep clean your work area and the drawers at your table.
  • Take stock of your salon inventory, and make a list of dwindling supplies.
  • Look at your appointment book and make follow-up calls with clients you may not have seen in a while.
  • Step out of the salon, and take deep breaths as a way of refreshing your mind and body.

Advocate for Your Mental and Emotional Health

One of the major aspects of being a nail tech is listening to the stories of our clients. Sometimes they are very empowering stories while other times they can be difficult. It can be hard to process and know what to do when a client opens up about something deeply personal and heavy. It is important to remember that we should be good listeners, but we do not have to give advice; we are not therapists. Practicing good listening, empathy and compassion can make a big difference in our field.

On a personal note, we must also nurture our body, mind and soul. It is important to put our mental and emotional health first so that we can support clients and co-workers in the salon. If you make a conscious effort to leave all your worries and issues outside the door, you can help bring joy, happiness, and build community, integrity and support. 

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