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We live in an age where we order almost any service imaginable from our smartphones, so why would a nail salon not elect to digitize their business? “I do not know any beauty professionals who get into the business because they love administrative tasks like financial reconciliations or appointment scheduling,” says Matt Danna, co-founder and CEO of Boulevard, a salon and spa business management platform. “Today there are great tools available to help ease this administrative burden—and these tools can do it more efficiently and intelligently than any human ever could.”

How many times have you lost a handwritten client file or missed a paper statement when calculating your point of sale (POS) reconciliation? “Trying to run an ‘analog’ business in 2021 is a niche strategy bound to result in failure,” claims Kirt Zimmer, content marketing director of Vagaro, a salon, spa and fitness software and hardware provider. “That said, it is critical for businesses using digital tools to find ways of connecting on a human level with their customers and making interactions easy and even enjoyable.”

Continue reading Nailpro's November/December 2021 digital magazine to learn the benefits of going paperless and the top software systems to help your business thrive. 

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