7 E-File Bits That You Need to Add to Your Toolbox


Long gone are the days of limited e-file selection; bits are now available in a large variety of shapes, grits and materials for a near-endless variety of uses. Utilizing the correct e-file bit can save you time during services and ease the strain in your joints from hand-filing. Here are some of our favorite bits to add to your tech toolbox.

1) Young Nails: X Cut Carbide, Right Handed Bit

Best for: Removing product quickly without heat buildup.

2) Light Elegance: Preppy Z-Bit

Best for: Prepping at the cuticle area to prevent lifting.

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3) Wildflowers: Brushy Bit

Best for: Removing loose dust, glitter and pigment from the cuticle area and sidewalls.

4) Kupa: Diamond Manicure Bit

Best for: Filing acrylic and gel.

5) Medicool: Ceramic Cone Shape Bit

Best for: Cleaning out the underside of a sculptured nail.

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6) Atwood Industries: Mellow Yellow Safety Bit

Best for: Working around the cuticle area without cutting the client.

7) SuperNail Professional: Mandrel Bit and Emery Sanding Bands

Best for: Prepping the natural nail.


[Image: Courtesy of Brooks Ayola]

This article was first published in the August 2018 issue of NAILPRO

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