How to Watermark Your Nail Photos for Instagram

Mar 18 Salongcyou

How to Watermark Your Nail Photos for Instagram

Every modern nail tech knows the importance of sharing his or her work online (it works as free advertising!), but fewer realize the importance of watermarking their photos.

Watermarking is the process of adding your salon’s logo, your name, or your Instagram handle on images of your work so that when photos of your nail art are shared online, your name is always on them. Nail artists who do not watermark their photo often do not get proper credit for their work, or worse, other people will steal those images and take credit for them.

There’s a few different ways you can add your name or logo to your work. Here are three step-by-step processes, one for iPhone, one for Android, and one for your computer:

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can add watermarks easily with the TypeDrawing app. Christabell Pinchin (@christabellnails) demonstrates how to do that here:


If you have an Android device, PicsArt Photo Studio is a good option. You can type in text or if you have an image of your salon’s logo, you can add that in instead. Here’s a quick tutorial using a logo:



If you’d rather do it all on your computer, you’ll first want Photoshop. Yes, you can add text to photos with basic drawing programs, but Photoshop allows you to add in more professional-looking fonts. For instance, this “” logo has a semi-transparent effect that is subtle but still readable. See how to do it here:


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