How To Make Your Salon’s Own Brand Of Nail Polish

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Have you ever thought about creating your own line of nail polish to retail at your salon? It can be a fun way to have clients take a piece of your salon home with you. Tiffany of indie polish brand Comet Vomit walks you through to steps to making lacquer at home.

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Sometimes being a polish maker feels a lot like being a mad scientist… there is a lot involved and it takes a while to figure out which tools and materials work best for your polish.

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Testing is one of the most important parts of making polish. Not all glitters, pigments, bases and colors work well together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had “brilliant” ideas that didn’t make it past the test stage.

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Bottle Assembly! Each bottle needs little mixing balls that assist in shaking up the polish.

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Each bottle gets two mixing balls, a brush, cap and label!

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To mix up a polish, I gather up the pigment(s) and glitter(s) that I plan to use and make a small paper funnel.

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Through my testing I determine the perfect amounts of pigment…

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…and glitter to add to each bottle.

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Before I pour the liquid…

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I have three different types of liquid base that I use. Suspension base for glitter nail polishes, a pigment only base for solid colors and a matte base for colors with a matte finish.

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Shake shake shake shake!

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Once I have my polish mixed thoroughly, I make sure to swatch every single bottle. I always want to make sure every bottle has the same consistency and formula! And there you go. Best of luck polish making!

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