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How I created my design.

i decided to go with something simple such as marble nail art so anybody can do it. i first used color acrylic and formed a design on the nail with different colors. then i did marble nail art on top of the color acrylic to add more color tones. hope you like it!!!!
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Submitted by CLUNA on Thu, 06/30/2011 - 16:03


I really hope i win this contest!!!! when i was creating this design i figured i have to make it somewhat easy, fast for those who are on the go but still like to have awesome nails =). i used O.P.I:clear and translucent pink powder. from a local nail store i used the color acrylics: green, purple,white, and pink. The polishes i used for the marble nail art are:china glaze: pink voltage (neon),white on white,kiwi cool-ada, and grape juice. O.P.I:lincoln park after dark.