Beauty File: Viv Simmonds, Award Winning Nail Artist & Educator

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Award-winning Nail Artist and International Educator

NP: What was your most embarrassing moment?
Oh geez!  Lol!  Which one?  Maybe Cat should answer this one (I can see her laughing already).  One of the funniest was my first experience running a nail competition. It was the very start of the competition day and I was standing in front of everyone reading the rules out loud on a microphone and asked the competitors to ‘please place your models under your table so that the floor judges do not trip on anything while walking past.’  I was supposed to ask them to place their ‘bags’ under the table. I was so engrossed with what I was doing that I did not notice my mishap until I heard all the laughing and looked up to see what was going on.  I was then informed of my blunder and had to read the remaining rules while struggling to keep a straight face.

NP: What is your favorite type of music? What is your favorite song?
Oh wow!  Anything and everything old!  I grew up with three older brothers, so Meatloaf was my absolute favorite throughout most of my life. Pink Floyd, etc. are right up there also. The ‘doof, doof’ stuff these days is repetitive with the main focus being on the booty!  Lol! There are too many favorite songs to mention that hold special meaning to times or events in my life. Aerosmith's "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing" holds a very special spot in my heart as this song was the hit when my son was born and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.