Video Stories

 Watch Gelish Director of Education (Mexico) Ghenna Gonzales create a contrasting "Chihuly" manicure in this step-by-step tutorial. [Image and video courtesy of Creative Media Marketing]
Watch: Gelish at Grand Gala
The Grand Gala was put together by master Nail Harmony distributor Antonio Sacripante. With approximately 150 distributors from all around the globe in attendance, this was an opportunity to show the...
Nail Art How To: Fantastic Flower Nails (May 2013) Behind the Nail Pros
Watch nail artist Ann Chang sculpt and hand paint these fabulous floral nails for the May 2013 cover of NAILPRO.
Nail Art How To: Black and White Nail Art (April 2013) Behind the Nail Pros
Watch as veteran nail tech AnnaMaria Paty shows us how she created this graphic on-trend black and white manicure for the April 2013 cover of Nailpro!
Yes, we admit it. We did the Harlem Shake!
Watch as celebrity manicurist Barbara Warner polishes nails in the beautiful pastel lacquers of the Spring 2013 season for the March 2013 cover of NAILPRO. 
Brilliant nail art duo Viv Simmonds and Catherine Wong explain how they used acrylic, bling, foil, hand-painted accents and decorative layers to create sweet (pink) and saucy (red) nails for the...
The talented artists at CND created some outstanding nails for Alexander Wang's runway show at Fall 2013 Fashion Week in New York. See what trends are on tap in the world of nails for this fall... [...