Video Stories

Nail Art Tutorial: OPI Black Out Manicure
If your clients prefer basic black, try this midnight colored manicure using the new Gwen For OPI collection. See which shades to use in the video below! [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Outlined Gwen For OPI Nails
Try this take on outlined nails. Use a glossy outside color to let the satin texture pop! Watch the OPI tutorial below. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Kupa Inc. Embellished Valentine's Day Nails
Give clients nails they’ll fall in love with just in time for Valentine’s Day!Watch below to see Star Educator Yire Castillo show how to do this 3-D design using Kupa Inc.’s Gelfinity and Artfinity...
OPI: Behind The Scenes With Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani shares how she fell in love with nail art and OPI! Watch below to get the scoop on some of the pop star's first manicures. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Gwen For OPI Checkerboard Studs
Create a raised checkerboard pattern on all nails, or as an accent nail! Use the pop star pink OPI Hey Baby and the studs found in the Over & Over A-Gwen signature shade boxed set. Watch below...
How To Apply Chrome OPI Push And Shove
Learn how to properly apply the new OPI chrome finish from the Gwen Stefani collection: Push And Shove! Watch below. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Gold Satin Studded Manicure
Put your best nails forward with a subtle, sassy design using OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and the studs and crystals included in the Gwen Stefani Signature Shade boxed set. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Gwen Stefani For OPI Glitter And Onyx
Every girl dreams of glitter! Make clients' friends jealous by creating OPI glitter and onyx manicures. Watch below to see how you can recreate this same look with In True Stefani Fashion and the...