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How I created my design.

What inspired me to enter the Holiday nail art contest is because I absolutely love Christmas time. It brings all my family and friends together. Every year I always reunite with my love ones and also meet new faces. This is the time of year where you wanna spend it with every person that meant something to you in life. I was inspired to design this place from the Christmas light colors to the Snowman, Santa Clause hat, to a bow and candy cane. I created it because I love Christmas lights, I had never accomplished making a Snowman in real life, Santa Clause hat are cute and comes in different colors but of course I had to do the original color, bow's because I love to wear them and candy canes because of the peppermint taste of the holidays. The products I've used was natural tips, Color Club and Nail Star nail art polish
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Submitted by syaggy on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 19:24