Nail Stamping Tips for Nail Techs

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Nail Stamping Tips for Nail Techs

Nail stamping has gotten BIG, and if you aren’t already using it in your salon – you should check it out. Stamping allows you to quickly create detailed works of art. The process is faster than hand painting (so you can see more clients in a day), it gives uniform designs every time, and you can easily upsell a basic manicure on a whim with nail art, without pushing back your next appointment.

The top brands for nail stamping supplies are Konad and Bundle Monster. Konad is great for the basics like the stamper and scraper, plus they offer special highly opaque polishes that guarantee great stamping. Bundle Monster has a seemingly infinite number of plate designs – so you’ll never find yourself wanting a pattern that does not exist. Additionally, nail plates can be purchased from Ebay and Amazon, as well as small brands like Messy Mansion and Vivid Lacquer.

To begin nail stamping, you’ll need a scraper, stamper, preferred stamping plate, an opaque nail polish, nail polish remover, and lint-free wipe or removal pad at the ready. Paint the design you want on the plate with the polish, then use the scraper to scrape the excess polish off the plate. Quickly roll the stamp over the plate and then use a firm roll to transfer the stamp onto the nail. Don’t expect your first stamp to be perfect at all. Don’t expect your second stamp to be perfect, either. This technique takes a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of it – you will have the ability to create flawless nail art in just seconds.

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