Behind The Scenes: Fall 2011 Gel Polish Color Story

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Tinge of Indulgence, Fall 2011 Gel Colors
Take a Peek at the Creation of NAILPRO's Fall Gel Polish Color Story

Producing the beautiful Tinge of Indulgence in NAILPRO’s September 2011 issue took a lot of time, patience, creativity and SUGAR. (I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t appreciate those props!)

Each muffin, cookie or dessert you see “frosted” or “iced” with color are actually goodies topped with one of the new fall soak-off gel colors we featured in the story. The staff at NAILPRO meticulously decorated, placed and styled the treats in a way we felt would best represent the rich, lustrous, bold and neutral tones of this year’s hottest autumn gel colors. And yes, we really did cure the sweets. Anything we could do during that heat to keep the gels in one place, we did!

Take a look at how our gel polish tablescape was created and enjoy. This was an amazing process and I hope you like the end result as much as we do.

Megan James

NAILPRO September 2011 Tinge of Indulgence
Executive Editor Stephanie Yaggy
Associate Editor Megan James
Associate Editor Stephanie Corbin-Mills
Art Director Patty Quon-Sandberg
Photographer Armando Sanchez
Graphics Design Editor Jaison Duell Wilson
Intern Bekki Roth

Bekki paints gel on a real red velvet cupcake. Stephanie was very precise in her technique and created detailed color palettes for the shoot. Coating each treat with gels took time and patience. They looked good enough to eat! Checking the composition. Arranging, placing and wiping a lot of gel on my-by then very dirty-pants! Art Director Patty, Photographer Armando and myself checking shots. No, Armando did not eat that! Tinge of Indulgence Behind the Scenes- Megan James and Patty Quon-Sandberg Awh, the magic of a good photographer.  Looked so real! Curing the gels on cupcakes. We used a UV light and shoved as many little yummy things we could in the small space we had due to how long it was taking. I think I might have been wishing real hard that the gels wouldn't melt post curing!


Oh my gosh...That is CRAZY! I guess I didn't realize when I was going through my magazine that all of the yummy treats were REALLY gels!!! I just thought colors were mixed up to match the gel polish colors. AMAZING job you guys!!!