Technique Articles

Nail Art Tutorial: Flaming Feather Nails
Like a flame or like a feather, this OPI design by Sofie Harris-Greenslade of The Illustrated Nail is warm and brilliantly colorful! Watch how to do it yourself below. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art How To: ‪Baby Blue Hearts (February 2014) Behind the Nail Pros
See how veteran nail tech John Hauk creates a sweet take on Valentine's Day-inspired nails for our February cover!
Nail Art Tutorial: Baby Blue Sculpted Flowers
Sculpt even more perfect petals this spring for your clients. Take a tip or too from Nina Petrova and click through to see her secrets! »[pagebreak] Products needed: Star Nail Eco Soak-Off UV base...
Nail Art Tutorial: Smoky Glitter Nails
These nails designed by Young Nails’ Greg Salo are the perfect mix of dark and glittery! See how the manicurist created this smoky look. »[pagebreak] Step 1: Salo began by prepping the model’s nails...
Nail Art Tutorial: Butterfly Nails
With spring months approaching, add this butterfly nail design to your portfolio! Gel II shows how to use their soak-off gel polish to create this pattern. Click through to see how. »[pagebreak] Step...
Nail Art Tutorial: Wavy OPI Brazil Design
Gather your new OPI Brazil polishes and try a new, colorful look! OPI and Sofie Harris-Greenslade of The Illustrated Nail shared this tutorial for the “Carnaval Love” nail. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Polka Dot Gradient
This isn’t your average polka dotted nail. Celebrity manicurist, and creator of Patricia Nail Lacquer, Pattie Yankee used a gradient effect with her dots for a more natural style. See how she did it...
Nail Art Tutorial: Glitter French Manicure
Add sparkle to the edge of tips with glitter! Mix loose glitter with your clear soak-off gel to prep. If you need to extend the nail, use a hard gel instead of a glued-on tip, which can easily pop...