Technique Articles

Nail Art Tutorial: Black And White Sculpted Flowers
Working with acrylic isn’t always black and white. Nail artist John Hauk of Light Elegance demonstrates how to get long, floral competition nails. » [pagebreak] Step 1: Prep the natural and custom...
Nail Art Tutorial: Spring Leaf Nails
Try out a leafy, natural look on nails. Use this tutorial by Swedish tech Keit Klesment of Vackra Naglar to achieve the look. »[pagebreak] 1. I have removed the old material and prepared to do a new...
Nail Art Tutorial: OPI Black Out Manicure
If your clients prefer basic black, try this midnight colored manicure using the new Gwen For OPI collection. See which shades to use in the video below! [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: OPI Chrome Stripes And Studs
Stripes and studs are easy to do, and have stunning results! Put this look together with some tips from OPI in the video below. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Outlined Gwen For OPI Nails
Try this take on outlined nails. Use a glossy outside color to let the satin texture pop! Watch the OPI tutorial below. [Video: OPI]
Nail Art Tutorial: Kupa Inc. Embellished Valentine's Day Nails
Give clients nails they’ll fall in love with just in time for Valentine’s Day!Watch below to see Star Educator Yire Castillo show how to do this 3-D design using Kupa Inc.’s Gelfinity and Artfinity...
Nail Art Tutorial: Elegant Glass Blue And Pink Nails
B' Polished salon owner Tiffani Cordoza shows us how to do these clear, pink, blue, and bedazzled nails! Click through to see. »[pagebreak] 1) Prep the natural nail using a mini contour bit by...
Nail Art Tutorial: Black and White Gel Leaves
Black and white nails are ideal for any time of year, and any occasion, so they’re perfect to recommend to clients who aren’t sure what they want, or who are afraid to commit to a colorful gel design...