Technique Articles

Nail Art Tutorial: Icy Blue Swirls
Snowy, icy, and sophisticated, every tech needs to try out this design from Croatian nail tech Jana Duzanec. Click through to see step by step how it’s done. » [pagebreak] 1. Build the nail...
35 Christmas Nail Tutorials
Christmas is coming up, and your clients want something festive to celebrate with! See step-by-step tutorials for any of these designs by clicking on them. If there’s still nothing you see, click “...
Nail Art Tutorial: Snow Flurry Nails
Nail artist Sheryl Macauley shares how to do glittery flurry of snowflakes on nails. »
Brew Up a Relaxing Beer Pedicure
As a competitive nail salon, you have to stay one step ahead of your competition. Start by offering creative, intriguing pedicure services. How about a beer pedicure? You heard us. Beer is not just...
Nail Art Tutorial: 3-D Christmas Tree Nails
Nail artist Michelle Piro shares how to do a sparkly 3-D tree and add balls of acrylic as ornaments. »
Nail Art Tutorial: Ruby French
Canadian nail artist Rita Remark has an eye for detail and a reputation as a nail perfectionist. Her work has been seen at international fashion weeks and in magazines Rita shares how to create a...
Nail Art Tutorial: Swirls and Stripes
Learn how to get a look inspired by the runway fashion of The Blonds. CND Education Manager Kristina Estabrooks shows how it's done using Shellac. Here's a 15-second sneak peek. See for the...
Nail Art Tutorial: Snowflake French
Nail artist Pam Minch demonstrates how to paint this snowflake French manicure step by step. »