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How I created my design.

It has been very cold and we have long winter nights up here. Plenty of stars so I decided to do Stary Winter Nails. Sometimes we have the northern lights so I did a wavy glittery blue tips that are swiped with a white gel line to represent the northern lights. There is white glitter acrylic for the snow we have lying around on the ground up here and it fades to a pink. I did that so as they grew out, you didn't have a distinct grow out line and the edge was blended. I then made a moon out of white acrylic and affixed gems and made snow flakes out of white gel. The wavy nails were inspired by an article you had last year about using craft scissors to scallop the edge. I used it on two sides and made purple flames but for this I just hand sculpted them on forms.
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Submitted by syaggy on Fri, 12/09/2011 - 18:39