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How I created my design.

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Submitted by syaggy on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 02:39


WHo doesn't love the Smurfs?? These are GREAT!! :):)

One of my most favorite nail techs on earth. This shows pure talent and ability. I love how it tells a "Valentine's story!"

I Love Em Also Love The Person Who Did She Is The Best....

One of the most talented artist I know!!!! Great work!!!

Excellent job, look at the detail in this work!!!

U have skills chica
those are great!

I love those nails . They are fabulous.

These are BANGING ... get it smurfette !!!

I love it....You know you are da BOMB!!! Love you!!

Great work by an AWESOME nail tech!! I respect and admire you and your work... Keep it up and you will go very far! Love ya!!

p.s. See ya Tuesday for my appointment LOL.... I need the WORKS!! ;-P