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How I created my design.

1. prepare nails in the usual way: sanitize hands, push cuticle back, remove shine from natural nails. 2 place a nail form for sculpture, cover the nail with gel, forming stiletto shape. 3. cure in Uv lamp or 2 minds and remove the form. 4. use red coloured gel on the whole nail as a block colour, cure it for 2 mins. 5. cover the whole nail with gel and cure it under uv lamp. 6. remove sticky layer, file nails in stiletto shape, buff the nails. 7. decorate the nails with Swarovski nail elements and other nail art elements and paint the music notes of the traditional Christmas song Silent Night. 8. finish design with glossy coat.
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Submitted by syaggy on Fri, 12/02/2011 - 19:18