Nail TRENDS: Summer-Bright Manicure

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summer manicure nail pro

I sported the trend of wearing different polish colors on nails and decided to go with a rainbow / Cinco de Mayo blend for this past weekend and it was a hit! 

Colors used:
OPI Red Lights Ahead ... Where? from the Holland Collection

Precision Blissful Abyss

Precision Grape Devine

Precision McDreamy

Bodyography Glow With the Flow


Submitted by meganailpro on Wed, 05/09/2012 - 01:04

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This trend sounds like fun and it looks stylist as well. I will try out this fashion soon.

Your nails are looking cool! i never tried diffferent colors atmost i apply only two colors in my nails.

limo NJ

I always prefer bright colors in nail paints atleast for applying them on hands. And this type of art of using different colors is new and something different.

laminate alternative

It looks nice also. The bright colors are creating an oomph.Once I went to buy nail polish and there I applied different colors on each nail. It was not rainbow but look similar to Yours.

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