How-To: Snow Globe Nails

The “snow globe” nail art trend was one that required a few iterations before it truly found its style. As our January 2017 cover artist and Cuccio global educator Marilyn Olemma Garcia explains, it began with aquarium nails: enhancements that were sculpted to suspend glitter, sand, charms, etc., in water or oil inside of them. Of course, in order to achieve this effect, the nails had to be very thick. So the concept moved to the top of the nail. While the early stages resulted in very large balls on tips, the latest version has morphed into a more subtle and wearable style seen on tips from Japan to the U.K. to the U.S. This month, Garcia shares her technique for creating made-to-order snow globe nails.



Step 1:

Garcia prefers to use the tip of a dropper as the mold for her snow globes for its size and flexibility. First, she dipped the dropper into clear sculpting gel. As she removed it from the pot, she lifted the dropper upright with a twisting motion to ensure that it was completely coated.

Step 2:

Next, she placed the tip of the dropper under a UV/LED light to cure, spinning it as it cured so the light would hit all sides of the globe.

Step 3:

Once cured, Garcia gently squeezed the rubber dropper to remove the globe from the tip of the dropper.

Step 4:

Garcia then placed a small bead of clear gel into the globe and filled it with a tiny string of beads, and cured it again. While she used beads in this version, globes can be filled with just about anything, including rhinestones, glitter and tiny sculpted flowers.

Step 5:

Finally, she used a small bead of clear acrylic to adhere the snow globe to the model’s nail.

Step 6:

Garcia says you can add any type of embellishment to fill your DIY snow globe nails.

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Step 2

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Step 4

Step 5

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