Nail Art How To: Christmas Ornaments

Nail Design: Jana Duzanec

Step by step tutorial on creating this Christmas ornament.




Step 1:

Build the nail as usual then apply a red color gel.

Step 2:

Gently buff the surface of the nail, then, with a black color gel and a very thin brush, outline a Christmas ball ornament.

Step 3:

Inside the ornament, apply a small amount of clear gel followed by crackle ice, glitter, and paint over with the red polish, and then cure it.

Step 4:

Over the ornament, apply a bigger amount of clear builder gel to get a 3D effect, and then cure it. After it is cured, put a top gloss over the whole nail.

Step 5:

With a gold gel (pigmented or pasta), draw the contour of the ball, followed by a pattern inside the ornament, and then cure it.

Step 6:

With white pasta gel, or 3D gel, draw a small bow on top of the ornament, then cure it under a UV lamp.

Step 7:

After the nail dries, apply the gold chrome polish connecting the bow and the ornament; using a chrome color gives the tie a metallic finish.

Step 8:


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