How-To: Christmas Present Nail Art

Nail Design: How-To: Christmas Present Nail Art

This season, offer your clients a fresh and fashion-forward take on seasonal nail art you can create easily. Follow these steps by nailpro Reina Santos.



Step 1:

Prep the nail. Apply two coats of red polish and let them dry.

Step 2:

Apply liquid latex to the skin around the nail and let it dry. Paint gold stamping polish onto a lace pattern stamping plate and scrape away the excess polish. Press the stamper to the plate to pick up the design, lift, then roll the stamper across the nail. Allow it to dry, then gently remove the liquid latex.

Step 3:

Outline the nail with white acrylic paint and let it dry. Apply a dot of nail glue to the center of the nail. Place a pearl in the glue and apply pressure for a few seconds.

Step 4:

To finish, apply a thin layer of top
coat over the entire design.

[Images: Courtesy of Armando Sanchez]

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4