How To Create Fantasy Butterfly Wing Nails

Nail artist Lulú Desfassiaux is known for her detailed and extreme acrylic work. She made her mark during a Japanese nail show where she fashioned intricate and unusual nail creations (think: sharks!) from acrylic. This month, we invited Desfassiaux to NAILPRO to show off what has become one of her signature designs: butterfly wings. These tips are all about the structure; it’s important to work evenly, from one side to the other, in order to maintain balance. After that, the design calls for colorful accents and a steady hand.



Step 1:

After fitting the nail with a form, Desfassiaux began by elongating the nail bed with cover pink acrylic.

Step 2:

Using natural white acrylic as if she were sculpting a simple French, she started building the wings, moving from one side, through the middle, then down the other side and back again, until the shape was complete.

Step 3:

To create the watercolor-like effect on the wings, Desfassiaux worked with very wet beads of colored acrylic.

Step 4:

To pick up the light, she applied narrow strips of holographic paper with clear acrylic. Once set, she capped the design with a thin layer of clear acrylic.

Step 5:

After filing the nails, Desfassiaux added chrome accents to the nail with a detail brush.

Step 6:

For the detailed line work, Desfassiaux opted for black acrylic paint, although she notes that
gel paint would also work.

Step 7:

Using an extremely thin detail brush, she peppered the black lines with tiny white dots.

Step 8:

Finally, she coated the entire nail with gel top coat to seal the design. and highlight the colors in the wings.

Step 9:

Highlight the colors in the wings.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9