How To: Acrylic Marble French Tip

Colored acrylic can be intimidating to clients afraid to venture too far from their tried-and-true pink-and-whites. The beauty of this technique is that it gives clients a chance to play around with color without feeling like they are too far from their comfort zone. To create the marbled effect, Armstrong applies two beads of colored acrylic at the same time, allowing them to naturally mix together to produce a subtle marble pattern at the tip. The result? A fun and playful pop of color perfect for a special event or a night out.

Tip! Don’t swirl the colored acrylic, as the colors will look muddy on the nail. Instead, let the colors naturally mix on the tip of the brush.



Step 1:

After prepping the nail, fit a form to the free edge and apply cover pink to the base of the nail in a reverse French technique. Then, file the free edge to an almond shape.

Step 2:

Pick up dark pink acrylic, then, with the same brush, pick up a bead of purple acrylic and place both beads at the free edge. Repeat this step to build out the extension.

Step 3:

File and shape the extension. Then, apply a layer of no-wipe top coat and cure. Dab iridescent glitter powder on the tip of the nail with a cosmetic sponge.

Step 4:

Use a striping brush to outline the smile line with white gel polish and cure.

Step 5:

Finish with gel top coat and cure.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5