Stained Glass Nails

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This find was a fluke. As I was wandering through the hidden depths of the show, I stumbled upon Gracia Nail System from JD Pride. I could not believe my eyes; this company was featuring a 3-D mosaic nail tip! The tip has three-dimensional dips and valleys that you fill in with gel to create a see-through stained glass effect.
First glue the clear mosaic tip on the free edge, cut and shape. Next, apply clear gel on the nail plate and tip, then cure. Double dip your gel brush with two colors—one color on one edge of the brush and another color on the other edge. Sweep the gel brush side to side. After applying, cure. Top the tip with clear gel for an even and smooth nail. Finish with a gel top coat, and you have a fast and beautiful stained-glass nail. 82.32.568.0402,