Spotlight on... NAILPRO Competition Winner: Classic Mully!

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Spotlight on... NAILPRO Competition Winner: Classic Mully!
Classic Mully

Welcome to Spotlight on... NAILPRO Competition Winners.

Here we interview outstanding Nail Artists who have placed in past Nailpro competitions and highlight their work.

This week we speak with Classic Mully, who most recently took home second place in the NAILPRO Long Beach 2013 Inspired Artistic Genius Division.


Where do you live?
San Francisco, California


What competitions have you won?
Many (28 to be exact... and counting!)



What was your first competition?
In school (lots of competitions in school, nationally and locally) but, Nail Art - First place.
First non-school comp was Vegas 2011, Fantasy/ Mythology theme - Second Place.


What made you decide to compete?
Adrenaline, accreditation, skill improvement.


Why do you enjoy NAILPRO Competitions, as compared to other nail competitions?
I like the structure of their rules, very well organized. Jewell and April make me smile.  :)