Spotlight on... NAILPRO Competition Winner: Azumi Kanene!

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Spotlight on... NAILPRO Competition Winner: Azumi Kanene!
Azumi Kanene

Welcome to Spotlight on... NAILPRO Competition Winners.

Here we interview outstanding Nail Artists who have placed in past Nailpro competitions and highlight their work.

This week we speak with Azumi Kanene, who most recently took home third place in the NAILPRO Long Beach 2013 Freestyle Sculpture Veteran Category AND Salon Success Veteran Category, along with her team placing second in the Tip & Overlay Relay Category!


Where do you live?
Oahu, Hawaii


Which competitions have you won?
French sculptured nails, salon success, gel manicure and free style French sculptured nails for 1st place.



What was your first competition?
I competed at Nail Olympics, which is a Japanese competition in Hawaii. 2006 was my first time. Plus, I competed in a NAILPRO competition in 2007 as my second competition.


What made you decide to compete?
I joined the nail industry because of my grandma. When she was staying in the hospital fighting cancer, I did her nails a lot. After she passed away, her nurse told me, "Your grandma said, 'Azumi should be a good nail tech to bring people happiness.' "I started to compete to show her: I am doing nails!!! I want to keep competing to make her smile in heaven."