Soak Off Gel on Acrylic

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Is it possible to put Soak-Off Gel on top of Acrylic? I know it's all polymer, but will it work?

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We use the soak off gels on acrylic and it works really well. We use a drill to file it off....hand filing works also, but you can cut your time in half with the drill.

Good luck!!

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Yes, it is possible to put soak-off gel on top of acrylic. In fact, many manufacturers are promoting this alternate use of soak-off gels. However, instead of soaking it off (because if you did soak it off, it would take the acrylic right along with it) you would file off the color. It comes off quickly and you don't have to worry about damaging the natural nail.

And, as a HUGE thank you for being the first person to start a forum question, I would like to send out some acrylic and soak-off gels for you! Please email me at with your name and address and we'll get that package out to you right away! :o)

Stephanie Yaggy
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