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How I created my design.

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Submitted by syaggy on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 02:44


Very nice job Roxy.


Hey Roxy: awesome job on the sweetheart nails. Love it.

I love it :)

love them they are very nice and clean and cute!!!!!good job

Hey girl, I love my nails everytime u do them!! Those are a nice set of hands u got here in this pic, LOL. Good Luck girl, I hope u win!

Sooooo adorable! Love these!i

Great job you are so talented please show me be my mentor <3

Good Job Ma Love Ur work...Luv Crystal

I Voted!!! And I Love your work, Good luck


Very unique and stunning design. Love all your work Roxy
Kathy Scott Nevills

Great design Keep them coming I hope u win you git skills 2

Very blingy, love the design!!

blingy, blingy, blingy!!!

I love your work!!!

Very blingy, love it

Love it!


Keep up the good Work!!! Stunning nails!!!