Nail Tools Products

Conclusive Sculpture Brush

The brushes—available in #2 and #8—have a perfect point for meticulous detailing and feature genuine Kolinsky sable bristles.

Edge 180/400 File

Multi-tasking at its best, this file has a 180-grit side to contour and shape nails, and a 400-grit side to smooth.

Wild Style File Catty Collection

The fun and funky files feature six different animal prints with coordinating cases.

Essential Defense Moisturizing Hand Purifier

The waterless hand cleanser kills germs with essential oils, leaving skin moisturized rather than dried out.

Dermafile Body

Dermafile developed this skin polishing tool specifically to exfoliate the body and feet.

Fashion Face Masks

The masks are available in solid colors, prints and several finishes, and can be monogrammed and worn up to four times before being discarded.

Restorer Air Cleaner

The device uses a customized filter developed exclusively for the salon industry to remove airborne pollutants and restore clean, healthy air.

#300 Professional Micro Motor Drill

The electric file’s smooth, silent operation allows you to keep your conversation flowing with your client.