Nail Art Products

Minx Hearts A Flyin'

Set your nails aflutter with these sweetheart Minx celebrating Valentine's Day. This simple nail art is as easy as fit, peel and stick.

Fimo Nail Art Pieces

The colorfast pre-cut canes are specially formulated to prevent the dye from running after applying a top coat, acrylic or gel on top. Fruit Salad features a variety of fruit shapes, while Petal...

Time Pieces

Recreate a clock using miniature gears and other time pieces to create awe-inspiring nail art.


The full coverage adhesives, available in 16 patterns, make nail art as easy as peeling, sticking and top-coating.

Midsummer Dream Flowers and Dazzle Kit from Cina Pro Nail Creations

Extend your client’s summer look into fall with Midsummer Dream Flowers and Dazzle Kit from Cina Pro Nail Creations. The kit contains real dried and pressed flowers and confetti in assorted colors...

Art Club Boudoir Collection

Create sexy, chic nails that are soiree-ready with the Art Club Boudoir Collection. The kit includes black and white stripers, top coat/sealer, various white and black sprinkle designs, decals and...