Nail Art Products

Technicolor Doll Nail Art Collection from Art Club

Create drama and fierce client return with the Technicolor Doll Collection. Educate clients on art design, then retail the Technicolor Purse Kit so they can get “dolled” up at home.

Sinfully Seductive Nail Art from Cina Pro Nail Creations

Tempt clients with one of the seven new Art Kits from CinaPro. The pieces will give you enough inspiration to entice even the most conservative salon-goer.
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Art in a Box from Nailite

Each of the eight distinct, color-coordinated decoration kits contains 12 nail art mediums and are packaged for simple, easy storage.
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Spring Fling Display from CinaPro Nail Creations

Nail art is a breeze with this display. The top three Nail Art Pen colors—white, purple and pink—team up with Petal Pusher Flower Fimo pieces for the creation of unique designs.

Nail Art Pens by CinaPro Nail Creations

Let your imagination run free with these multipurpose Nail Art Pens. The thin-tipped nib is ideal for intricate designs or French tips and the quick-dry formula allows for easy layering.

English Rose by CinaPro Nail Creations

A rose by any other name looks even sweeter on your clients' nails. Try these delightful nail art decals for a quick add-on service.
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Self-Adhesive Nail Covers by Sheba Nails

Lace, netting, brocades—the choice is yours with these colorful, textured nail coatings that easily stick to the nail. Cap with a layer of top coat and you're done!
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Boudoir Sprinkles & Decals by Art Club

Get glam with ornate noir and blanc decals coupled with glitzy sequin Sprinkles.
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