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Rainbow Collection for NAILPRO mermaid mani

Rainbow Collection for NAILPRO merma ...
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Mermaid Mani by NAILPRO / OPI / Mia Secret

Hello again! I've been so busy preparing for Spring's newest and brightest polish collections that I've sadly not had time to blog as much.

But today, feeling like I need a vacation, sparkly mermaids came to mind! I created my own 'Mermaid Mani" with Did you'ear About Van Gogh from the Holland Collection from OPI Products as the neutral base.

Next, I applied one of my absolute favorite OPI polishes—disco ball-like Rainbow Connection.

Finally, to get the iridescent gleam, I topped the mani with tinted polish in Ocean from Mia Secret. This polish works especially well for acrylics and gels.

Hope everyone is great and have a wonderful weekend!
Megan James

MeRmAid NaIls

Submitted by meganailpro on Sat, 03/03/2012 - 00:59

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