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How I created my design.

The nail art that I designed was inspired to me by my very own memories. Each nail has a memory that I cherished as a child growing up. For example; the wrapped gift box nails. It reminds me of when I would wake up Christmas morning, bright and early, and run to the Christmas tree. Just to unwrap gifts that I already knew what exactly were in each box. I made two of the same nail art; the gift boxes, because not only did they remind me of unwrapping gifts, but of also when I would try to unwrap the gifts so neatly, as if I were going to reuse the wrapping paper again for next year. I would pile up all the wrapping paper then at the very end of unwrapping all of the presents I would crumble all the paper into the trash can. The snowflakes always remind me of my very first time seeing snow. Although it was not falling at the time. I still saw snow on a mountain. Then the second time I ever saw snow, was when the snow was actually falling. Which would resemble the snowflakes falling on the nail. Each of the nail art I prepared reminded me of someway my own childhood during Christmas. Especially the Rodolph nail. I sang Rodolph the Red Nose Reindeer all the time during Christmas and I still do today. Memories are always the best inspiration for your very own creativity.
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Submitted by syaggy on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 19:26