Naughty New Minx Underwear Coatings (And How to Apply Them!)

Minx Underwear invites clients to get a little naughty with their nails. Co-designed by Finish nail stylist Mirka Poikkeus, the Underwear coatings are unique in that they are designed to be applied “under” gel, gel polish, acrylic, or even polish. To match the theme, the collection features foxy lingerie-inspired motifs with equally saucy names, such as All Tied Up and Smack It. From red-hot lips to feminine boudoir patterns, anyone can find her inner Minx in this nail art collection. Click through to preview the entire set of sassy designs.
Wondering how to apply these? Look at this
Minx also has a tutorial video to help you with the process.
All Tied Up
Smack It
Tickle My Fancy
Here’s the step-by-step directions for application.  photo Sharpened.jpg
Also visit for the video tutorial.
[Images: Minx, Inc.]

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