NAILPRO Staff "Springs" into Nail Art

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Stephanie Yaggy, Dawn Cobalt, Stephanie Corbin-Mills and Megan James - nail art

Last Friday NAILPRO took on nail art! We wanted to explore some of the newest nail art for spring and summer. It was a lot of fun…and a lot of glitter.

The designs were unique and somewhat characteristic to the staff member.

Stephanie Yaggy had perfectly shaped nails with intricate, colorful and festive designs: polished, detail oriented, interesting and positive.

Dawn Cobalt had a vibrant solid purple hue that she topped with symbolic stencils from PNI Worldwide: grounded, creative and pragmatic.

Stephanie Corbin-Mills chose to create a gel story with soak-off gels from Entity. She polished with Midnight Runway then created little orchids on her thumbs: fearless, feminine and straightforward.

As for me? I’ll let you be the judge of that based on the photos. All I’m saying is that on Monday I got called back into the studio to vacuum glitter.

We had a blast. And our hats go off to all the nail artists out there. It’s truly a talent what you do. Much respect from all of us at NAILPRO.

Megan James

Stephanie M. used soak-off gels from Entity Dawn expressed herself in Frolic from Orly Nail Lacquer and EZ Art Polish Stencils from PNI Worldwide Stephanie Y. created a spring look with nail art pens from CinaPro Nail Creations and Republic Nail I used Shellac from CND, glitters from Backscratchers and tiny bow decals I found. Fun using CND, Republic Nail, Entity, Orly, Color Club, Backscratchers, PNI Worldwide, CinaPro Nail Creations, OPI...

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