Happy Anniversary Nailed Down!

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Happy Anniversary Nailed Down!
Happy Anniversary Nailed Down!

  Aleksandra Gerasimets

from Vladivostok, Russia, now creating nail art in Barcelona, Spain.




What have you been doing since last we spoke to you in August 2012?

During this year I have been working on new nail designs, experimenting with colors and finding new inspiration in 1960’s fashion and geometrical patterns. I’ve tried to post in my blog as often as possible.

I’ve collaborated with a well-known nail company in order to try their nail polishes from the Summer Collection 2013 and to use them for creating a new nail design. Moreover, I have been working on finding the right material for my line of nail wraps.

A significant part of my time, though, I have been dedicating to illustration. Drawing has been my passion for a long time and I’ve finally decided to devote more time to this and to develop my drawing skills. And I’m glad that my work has been recognized by publishing one of my illustrations in a magazine. I’ve also created a new blog, where you can find my works: