Nail News: Illegal Rainbow Nail Art in Russia, Hailee

Nails were the talk of the town all over the world this week! From CVS‘s recent restriction on acetone purchases, to a Swedish Athlete risking arrest for a vibrantly colored manicure, it’s all here — plus pretty red carpet Teen Choice Awards nail art!
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Hailee Steinfeld‘s nails were once again the highlight of the night at the Teen Choice Awards last Sunday. After
featuring symbols from her upcoming movie, Ender’s Game, at Comic Con, Hailee wowed everyone on the TCA red carpet with a two-toned starburst mani that perfectly matched her dress.

[Images: Instagram@haileesteinfeld; FilmMagic via Getty Images]

CVS is repealing a recent rule in most states that required photo ID for the purchase of nail polish remover. Apparently, acetone products can be used for more than removing glitter off fingertips; the substance can be an ingredient in manufacturing methamphetamine. Since CVS was one of the only stores requiring ID, the initial rule did little more than push those bothered by the mandate to shop elsewhere.

[Image: Thinkstock/Hemera]

The Huffington Post decided that obsidian is the new hot color for fall, above oxblood and traditional black lacquer. Will the color become increasingly popular in your salon?

[Image: OPI DS Pewter, courtesy of OPI]

Nail polish can get you arrested? Swedish athlete Emma Green Tregaro, who painted each of her five tips a different rainbow hue for the World Athletics Championships in Russia, could be fined and potentially disqualified from the Winter Olympics under Russia’s recent ban on gay propaganda. Though no action has been taken against her to date, the dispute over what is sort of self-expression is permitted at the next Olympic Games will no doubt continue.

[Image: Instagram @emmagreentregaro]

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