Nail Clinic: A Vitiligo Voyage—A Tech's View

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Maybe you haven't seen vitiligo before, and aren't sure what to expect the first time you see a client with it. This frequently misunderstood condition is nothing to be concerned about; just take the advice of Missy Malone, owner of SPAtaneity in Fort Worth, Texas, who regularly performs services on a client with vitiligo.
“My mom has the skin disorder vitiligo, and I do regular manis and pedis on her. There's really no difference in her services versus other clients' services; I do my best to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I've discovered that extra care must be taken when providing cuticle grooming, as her hands are completely white, making it very difficult to see the cuticle. I just make sure I keep her nails and cuticles hydrated, and gently push back the cuticles. I've also noticed that she tends to bruise easier than most, so when I'm doing the massage I use a lighter, gentler touch. There is often more sensitivity to water temperature and product being used during service.
“I definitely feel that vitiligo is a skin disorder that nail techs need to become familiar with. Prior to my becoming a nail tech, people would often mistake my mom's condition with that of a burn victim, making her feel even more self-conscious. We shouldn't be so quick to judge one's outer appearance!”