Nail Clinic: Help Clients With Arthritis

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Nail Clinic: Help Clients With Arthritis

What you should do
While arthritis does not directly affect the nails, if a person’s hands or fingers are swollen or twisted from arthritis, it can cause changes in the nails, too.

But more importantly, some treatment options for arthritis can cause issues with the nails. Some medications can even cause “nail pitting or the formation of horizontal lines across the nail bed,” says Lyn Overman, Ph.D, a researcher with the Arthritis Information Services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. However, in most cases, clients with arthritis are not restricted from nail services and giving a client well-manicured nails can actually make her feel better about the appearance of her hands.

A few extra tips to keep clients comfortable
Arthritic hands are sensitive. Have your client rest her hands on a comfortable surface, rather than holding them yourself. Have your client communicate to you what would make her most comfortable.

A salon owner even recommends booking clients with arthritis for later in the day, as stiffness and soreness is worst in the morning, and joints loosen up over the course of the day.

Massage can also cause temporary relief. However, be gentle, as rough movements can worsen pain.  Stay away from red or inflamed joints.

Make the entire visit comfortable. Point her towards a chair that’s easy to get in and out of. Let her take her time filling out forms. If you offer tea or beverages in your salon, provide her with a light cup that’s easy to hold.

Soothing oils can be incorporated into treatments as well. Essential oils like sweet birch, chamomile, clove bud, ginger, lemon, and rosemary can all relieve the pains of arthritis, though some should be avoided by clients on certain anticoagulant drugs.

Keep your clients comfortable and happy, and they’ll keep on coming back!


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