Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

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Nail Artist Q&A: Interview with Robin Moses

Which celebrity’s nails would you love the chance to do? What would you put on his or her nails?
That is another hard one. I have done celebrities nails before. They are just like us. I'd like to do the nails of a celebrity who is not afraid of anything or anyone and just sets my head on fire with tons of beautiful stories. Whoever would trust me enough to share a world that takes me out of this one and into theirs, where theirs is as wondrous as mine. I want that celebrity. If I got to meet such a celebrity, I believe I would keep them as a client forever!

What is your favorite original nail art you’ve done?
I don't have pictures of my favorite nails because until the late 90's, the cameras that could capture nail art were so expensive that no one really had pictures. I took very good notes of the designs I liked the most. I would say that I have really loved some of the Martin Luther King nails I have done in the past.

Also, I have done some really beautiful Egyptian designs. But I think right now my favorite tutorial is probably my portrait for taliajoy18. I have always equated my life to "swimming," and told myself to "keep swimming" when I thought I was drowning. She was a very precious soul. I had known of her before, but when I heard of her passing, it just crushed me. I do not know why except that I know how hard it is to have a Youtube account and maintain it, and she really was a remarkable soul. She made me stronger. The day she passed, I got stronger, and that is all I can really say.


Anything else you’d like to share?
I would like to say thank you for the interview. I would like to say that nail art is hard to master and that through dedication and desire, you can do this. I would like to remind artists to always say who inspired you if you are sharing online. It is amazing how much everyone grows if everything is shared. I am sharing my collection of 25 years and I wish I could say what inspired some of them. I do when I can, but most know I am working from a database.

I think once I feel a little more comfortable, I will start working with other artists, collaborating again and doing "inspired by" other Youtube tutorials. I found that doing that and working on my own tutorials was too hard with also having a full time job doing nails! It's a lot of work to put up even just one video. To do this all myself is a 16-hour a day job, but one I would never trade!

I'd also like to add that I read just about every comment on my videos and try to answer as many as I can. At least once a day someone's story makes me cry, and to them I say thank you for making me humble and grateful to know such people are in my life and that I'm just getting started!

My love to you guys,
Robin Moses

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