Nail Art Tutorial: Sprinkled Ice Cream

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Nail Art Tutorial: Sprinkled Ice Cream

Unleash color and custom nail art in your salon! Mix top neon colors, or use your clients' favorite hues – and design this bright carnival-themed nail at your table! Jana Duzanec, an educator and nail artist, shows you the step by step using products from Jet Set Beauty.

3220 Step 1: With black gel, draw the shape of the ice cream.

3221 Step 2: Press the gold foil over it to achieve this effect.

3222 Step 3: With neon pink gel draw the line and do not cure.

3224 Step 4: Sprinkle over it with glitter sand and then cure it under a UV lamp for 2 minutes.

3225 Step 5: Gently dust just the excess off with a nail brush.


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