Nail Art Tutorial: Sassy Blue Flames

Spice things up with a flaming hot manicure by Nailpro Cup champion Lynn Lammers. We like that these break away from classic red and orange Hot Wheel car flames – the blue and white instead gives them a devilish feminine feel. Of course, feel free to mix up the shape for more practical everyday wear.

Step 1: Lammers began by prepping the model’s nails and applying forms.

Step 2: She then sculpted the free edge of each nail with glittery white acrylic. Using her brush, she built a curved tip (which is easier to sculpt than it is to create with a file).

Step 3: With blue acrylic and a fine-tipped brush, Lammers created a flame-like design at the smile line. She repeatedly swiped her brush along the side of the blue acrylic to achieve crisp lines.


Step 4: Using small beads of white acrylic, she filled in the cuticle area.

Step 5: Using a hand file as well as an electric file, Lammers smoother and shaped the nails.

Step 6: To get a high shine, she capped the nails with a gel top coat and cured them for two minutes under a UV lamp.

[End photo: Photography by David Casteel, hair/makeup by Adrienne Herbert]

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