Nail Art Tutorial: Neon One Stroke Flowers

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Nail Art Tutorial: Neon One Stroke Flowers

June Gilbert of Urban Angel Spa in Liverpool isn’t afraid of nail art. This fully-qualified blue-haired beauty has 19 years of experience in the beauty industry, so we were thrilled when she volunteered to share a step-by-step for her bright one stroke flowers.

3372 Supplies needed:

  • NSI base coat plus
  • NSI pro polish gel color in lemon twist
  • NSI gel top coat
  • Crystal Nails acrylic paints in black, white, pink & orange
  • Small flat square nail art brush
  • Detail brush or dotting tool

3366 1. Apply gel polish to nails starting with your base coat, then two coats of color, followed by a top coat, just as you would do as normal per manufacturer directions. Cleanse surface sticky layer.

3367 2. Using the flat square brush, double dip the corners into white and orange. Blend in a line.

3368 3. Using the tip of the brush, press down on the nail so the bristles bend slightly, then pivot the white corner of the brush around clockwise, forming a loop shape while keeping the orange corner in the same place. This will create a two-tone petal. Add petals either side to create a half flower shape.


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