Nail Art Tutorial: Mia Secret Arrowhead Nails

Wow judges at nail competitions with a unique nail shape: the arrowhead. Learn how to create the shape using products from Mia Secret. »

Step 1: Prep the natural nail. Apply extra long nail forms and extend the nail plate with Mia Secret Cover Pink.

Step 2: To shape the arrow design, use acrylic powders in Meteorite, Caribe, and Blue. Use the side of the form to sculpt the sides of the arrows.

Step 3: Encapsulate with clear acrylic. File the nail and remove any imperfections with Mia Secret 180 Sponge File.

Step 4: Add dots and swirls to the nail with black. Attach a teardrop rhinestone at the smile line.

Step 5: Seal the design with Mia Secret UV Finish Gel. Cure under an LED lamp for 30 seconds.

[Images: Mia Secret]

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