Nail Art Tutorial: How To Marble With Polish And Gel

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Nail Art Tutorial: How Marble With Polish And Gel

How To Water Marble With Polish
Step 1: Gather 10 small bowls, or as many as the number of nails being marbleized.2269 Step 2: Apply petroleum jelly in a thin layer to the skin surrounding the clients’ nails. This makes cleanup easier.
Step 3: Fill the bowls with warm water.2270 Step 4: Carefully place drops of polish onto the surface of the water, one on top of each other. Let each color spread across the surface of the water before dropping the next color. Note: Quick-drying polish is not recommended for this procedure.2271 Step 5: Swirl the polish with your marbleizing tool. Note. It’s best to work with one bowl at a time.2272 Step 6: Guide the fingernail into the water. Make sure that all of the nail surface is covered with the swirled “floating” polish. If necessary, gently guide any floating polish onto the nail with an orangewood stick.
2273 Step 7: Remove any excess floating polish from around the finger with a marbleizing tool or toothpick, then take the fingernail out of the bowl. Promptly clean any residual polish off the skin before it has a chance to set.
2274 Step 8: Repeat steps 3 to 7 on each nail to be marbleized.
Step 9: Once the marbleized nails are dry, apply top coat or nail art sealer.