Nail Art Tutorial: Gold Foil Over Black

Known for their cutting-edge nail art products, Mia Secret does not disappoint with the introduction of its new Nail Foils. Available in 24 vibrant colors, the foils add a metallic effect to any gel enhancement. By laying down the design in black first, you can control where the foil adheres to the nail!

Step 1: Prep the natural nails and fit a form to the nail.  Use Cover Pink Acrylic to extend the nail plate.

Step 2: Create the smile line and sculpt the free edge by applying White Acrylic and Caribe Colored Acrylic.

Step 3: Remove the nail form and file and shape the nail.

Step 4: Using a black nail art pen, add designs to the nail. Then place two drops of eyelash glue on a clean surface, dip a nail art brush into the glue and trace the design. Let dry.

Step 5: Press and hold the foil on top of the coated design for five seconds, then remove.

Step 6: Seal the nail art with UV Finish Gel and cure under a UV or LED lamp.






[Courtesy of Mia Secret]

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