Nail Art Tutorial: Blue Monarch Butterfly Nails

Though the monarch butterfly is traditionally orange, there’s no reason you can’t swap out the colors to match your clients’ preferences. Click through as Morgana Nails Suisse of Switzerland shows you how to get this gel design using signature Morgana products.

1) Buff the nails.

2) Apply the Primer and the Ultra Bond.

3)Apply the nails form.

4) Apply the gel.

5) Pinch with the pliers.

6) Build the extension.

7)Between every layer of gel, cure under your UV/LED lamp.

8) Pinch.

9) File the nail to give the shape.

10) Apply the color. You don’t need a sponge — in the next step you’ll use your brush.

11) Before curing, run your brush down the nail to combine the colors.

12) Draw lines like so with the black gel using a fine brush.

13) Apply the brilliant white.

14) Apply the gel finish for extra shine.

15) Apply cuticle oil. Finish!

Nails by:

Giulia L.
Morgana Nails Suisse
Vignes d’en Bas 10 – 1895 Vionnaz – +4179 834 92 78

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[Courtesy of Giulia Landini]

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