Nail Art Tutorial: Black Lace Manicure

Try both a new shape and vintage style! Sabrina designed these dark tips for lovers of lace and all things mysterious.

Supplies needed:

  • Forms
  • Black Lace
  • Resin
  • Black nail polish
  • OPI glitter polish Pink Yet Lavender
  • Clear gel
  • Small Scissors
  • Black Swarovski crystals size 5, 9 and 16
  • Silver Spikes

Step 1: Place forms and sculpt “coffin-shaped” nails. The index and pinky fingernails should be sculpted very thin because the black lace will be encased.

Step 2: Once the set has been sculpted, remove forms on index and pinky fingers. File and perfectly shape nails for the adhesion of the black lace. Be careful not to break them since they were sculpted thinner than normal.
Step 3: Pre-cut the black lace to it will be ready to be placed on the nail. Once cut, place resin on the nail and adhere the lace. Make sure everything is securely placed. Wait for resin to dry and add clear acrylic over the nails with the lace. Build them as thickly as you normally would, making sure not to leave excess lace sticking out of the nail.  

Step 4: Once acrylic has dried, file the set perfectly. The rest of the nails will be polished black.

Step 5: With acetone in a “V” and a mini square brush, remove black nail polish from the center of the middle finger creating a heart shape. This will create negative space. Make sure to remove excess polish from the center of the heart so it can look clear. Using OPI Pink Yet Lavender, fill in the heart with glitter for a sparkling effect.

Step 6: Once the black polish on the ring finger has dried, apply clear gel to begin adding black Swarovski crystals in different sizes. Once placed, cure in a UV light for 2 mins. The thumbnail is done the same but with spikes and Swarovski crystals down the center of the nails. Apply Swarovski crystals to the lace nails with the clear gel.

Step 7: Cure all nails with a UV light for 2 mins after applying gel. Once cured, remove sticky inhibition layer with alcohol. Your nails are now ready to go!

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[Images: Sabrina G.]

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