Nail Art Tutorial: Black And White Sculpted Flowers

Working with acrylic isn’t always black and white. Nail artist John Hauk of Light Elegance demonstrates how to get long, floral competition nails.

Step 1: Prep the natural and custom fit your form.

Step 2: Apply black acrylic to create an under design.

Step 3: Apply clear acrylic to encase the black and build the rest of the nail.

Step 4: Allow the acrylic to set and remove the form. Begin shaping the nail with an 180-grit file.

Step 5: Buff the nail to a high shine using a 1000/4000 buffer.

Step 6: Using a size 6 brush, create petals and designs with acrylic on top of the smooth nail.

Step 7: Finish with cuticle oil.

[Courtesy of John Hauk]

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